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Bichat Fat Pad Resection (Bichectomy) in Montreal

The buccal fat pad, also known as the Bichat fat pad, is an important anatomical structure that contributes to facial aesthetics and facilitates the movement of facial muscles.

Introduction to the Resection of the Bichat Fat Pad

With age, the fatty area located directly under the cheekbones begins to diminish.

When indicated, removal of the buccal fat pad enhances the cheek prominences and the overall contour of the face.

Achieving a more feminine appearance:

Resection of the Bichat fat pad is a highly effective procedure for refining the face and giving it a more feminine appearance, which is particularly beneficial for individuals with a more robust face.

The goal is to transform a round and chubby face into a slimmer and more harmonious one. In many cases, this will also result in a more angular look, which is appreciated in today’s beauty standards.



Selon le type d’implants. 

Gel de Silicone: tous les 15 ans environ

Salins: Si rupture seulement

How does the buccal fat pad reduction procedure unfold?

Bichectomy (Buccal Fat Pad Removal) Surgery

This procedure is minimally invasive, as Dr. Éric Bensimon accesses this area through a 1 cm internal incision. It can often be performed under local anesthesia and may be combined with other procedures.


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