Cervicofacial Facelift in Montreal

The cervicofacial facelift significantly rejuvenates the face by lifting and tightening the structures involved in the aging process.

It repositions the cheekbones, corrects jowls, and restores a more youthful appearance to the neck.

Reasons for considering a cervicofacial facelift:

Facial aging presents several aspects and is characterized by three distinct elements that can vary from one individual to another:

  • Sagging of the cheeks, the appearance of jowls, and neck laxity.
  • Development of wrinkles, age spots, and changes in skin texture.
  • Loss of volume caused by facial fat atrophy.

It can be combined with other procedures such as lipofilling to restore lost volume and CO2 laser resurfacing to improve skin texture and quality.

An overview of the Cervicofacial Facelift procedure:

A facelift can be performed under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia with sedation. The choice between these different techniques will be the result of a discussion between the patient and the surgeon.



The consultation is crucial as it allows determining if you are a suitable candidate or if a Mini facelift may suffice.

During the consultation, a treatment plan can be established to maximize the result. The surgeon can then advise you on other additional procedures or CO2 laser rejuvenation.


The Surgery

  • The necessary skin incisions are mostly hidden near the hairline and around the ear.
  • For a Mini facelift, the scar is just in front of the ear.
  • The skin is lifted according to the tissue laxity. The layer containing the muscles is then precisely tightened while preserving facial expression. This will lift the cheeks and correct jowls.
  • If necessary, liposuction or more extensive work is performed on the neck to restore youthfulness and definition.
  • Excess skin is then removed, and the incisions are meticulously closed.
  • The dressing and drains will be removed the next morning. Depending on the corrections needed, the procedure can last from 2 to 4 hours.


After the Surgery

  • Bruising and most of the swelling usually disappear within 2 weeks. Pain is mild and well relieved by painkillers.
  • It is recommended to sleep with the head elevated for a few days.
  • Risks include infections, hematomas, weakness of facial muscles, numbness, or skin necrosis. However, they are very rare and are less than 1%.



Some patients may benefit from a mini facelift. This procedure is shorter than traditional facelift surgery and results in fewer scars. However, it is not suitable for all patients and a prior evaluation is necessary before planning any facial lifting procedure.


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