Breast Lift and Reduction in Montreal

Breast lift surgery is recommended to correct breasts that have sagged and lost their initial shape. This condition can result from several factors such as pregnancies, aging, significant weight loss, or, in younger women, it can be attributed to genetic causes.

The Benefits of Breast Lifting :

Breast lift, or mastopexy, is the ideal solution to restore the youthful and shapely appearance of the breasts affected by various factors. Whether it’s due to post-pregnancy changes, the natural aging process, significant weight loss, or genetic predispositions in some younger women, this surgical intervention effectively meets the need to lift and redefine the shape of the breasts for a revitalized and aesthetic look.

Breast lift surgery reshapes and lifts the breasts. It can be performed alone or combined with breast reduction to reduce volume as well. It can also be done with the placement of an implant to add volume and provide a firmer contour.

The breast lift surgery procedure typically includes the following steps :



As with any surgery, a consultation is important for proper guidance and advice.



The Surgery

  • The procedure typically takes place under general anesthesia, except in cases of minor ptosis where local anesthesia may suffice. It lasts for about 2 hours on average.
  • A supportive bra tailored to your new breast shape is placed at the end of the procedure.
  • The scar typically follows an anchor or inverted T shape, with an additional scar around the areola. However, variations exist depending on the extent of ptosis correction needed. A periareolar scar alone may sometimes be possible.
  • A breast implant may be inserted simultaneously if there is insufficient volume in the breast or if more contour is desired. Breast reduction can also be performed at the same time if breast volume reduction is desired.


After the Surgery

  • The position and shape of the breasts will only be definitive a few months after the surgery. Like in any surgery, the scars will take about a year to achieve their final appearance. There is very little pain, no drains, compressive dressings, or stitches to remove.
  • The resumption of activities is quick (1 to 2 weeks). The supportive bra should be worn day and night for the month following the surgery. Strength exercises should be avoided for at least 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery. Sports can be resumed after a month except for “violent” sports (tennis, running, climbing, etc.), which may require two to three months.
  • Superficial bruising typically disappears within two or three weeks. Temporary numbness of the nipples may sometimes take a few months to resolve.

Breast lift and reduction Before and After Photos

Warning: These photos are published for information purposes only in order to provide information on the nature of the intervention. They do not constitute any guarantee of results.


Selon le type d’implants. 

Gel de Silicone: tous les 15 ans environ

Salins: Si rupture seulement


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