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High-Quality Cheekbone Implant Surgery in Montreal

No matter what the gender, enhancing the cheeks with implants could produce an extremely attractive profile. There are several sizes and materials to achieve these alterations. However the objective is to create a shape that will enhance the face, not distort it or make it look over the top.

All you need to know about cheekbone implants with Dr. Eric Bensimon.

When considering interventions such as cheek implants, it’s essential to seek out experienced plastic surgeons who specialize in facial plastic surgery. Qualified professionals like Dr. Eric Bensimon understand the nuances of cosmetic procedures that can have a significant impact on a person’s appearance.

For most transgender patients, surgical modification of the cheekbone involves increasing this area. If a patient’s cheek fat has diminished with age and they undergo another procedure such as a facelift, blepharoplasty, or forehead lift, it can improve the overall result of the operation. By creating more volume in this area, not only will the facial contour be corrected, but the face will be lifted to give it a more feminine and youthful appearance.

Cheek Implant Surgery: Scarless Minimal Procedure!

The small incision to insert cheek implants is made inside the mouth, so there is no visible scar. Once healed, the implant will feel exactly like bone.

The importance of cheekbone implants:

If Dr. Bensimon recommends increasing or decreasing the cheeks, this will ultimately contribute to the overall balance of the face and, more importantly, a completely natural appearance.

Exploration of the facial skeleton:

To understand the subtleties of cheek implants, it’s crucial to delve into facial anatomy. The facial skeleton includes different bones such as the frontal bone, sphenoid bone, and nasal bones, which play a crucial role in forming the structure of the face.

The zygomatic and palatine bones:

Among these bones, the zygomatic and palatine bones are of particular interest for increasing cheekbone volume. The zygomatic bone, often referred to as the cheekbone, articulates with the frontal bone, thus contributing to the overall aesthetic of the face.

The use of Medpor:

Many people look for facial implants to achieve the desired final result. These implants, often made of various materials, are skillfully placed by experienced surgeons like Dr. Eric Bensimon. It’s important to note that while some surgeons opt for silicone implants, Dr. Eric Bensimon prefers to use Medpor, a more porous material that presents a reduced risk of displacement.

The advantage of Medpor:

The advantage of Medpor lies in its porous nature, which allows tissue growth and natural integration into the facial structure. Dr. Eric Bensimon, a recognized expert in this field, uses tiny titanium screws to securely attach the implants, ensuring a stable and long-lasting result.

Non-surgical alternatives to cheek implants:

It should be noted that people looking for temporary augmentation without surgery have non-surgical options. Temporary augmentation can also be achieved without surgery, and the effect will last between 12 and 18 months. Specifically designed cheek fillers can be injected at the office and repeated as needed.

What is the procedure for cheek implant surgery?

Surgery for cheek implants

The surgical intervention usually lasts around one hour.

Recovery after surgery.

Following cheek bone implant surgery, it is possible for patients to experience slight swelling or bruising. Some people may also experience mild temporary numbness of the upper lip. These post-operative effects are common and part of the normal healing process. They typically disappear within a few weeks.

It is recommended to follow a soft diet for the first few days after surgery to promote incision healing and avoid any infections.

  • Sleeping with the head elevated
  • Applying ice packs is also recommended



Selon le type d’implants. 

Gel de Silicone: tous les 15 ans environ

Salins: Si rupture seulement


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