Welcome to the
Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery
Clinic in Montreal,
Dr. Eric Bensimon

Welcome to the Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic in Montreal, Dr. Eric Bensimon

Mission of our Clinic in Montreal

Our main goal is to provide you with superior quality service and care. For us, every patient is unique and deserves a personalized, professional and courteous evaluation. Whether it’s for surgery or medical treatments, all procedures are done to the highest standards with only one concern, a most satisfying result.

Dr. Eric Bensimon

Dr. Eric Bensimon is a renowned name in the field of plastic surgery in Canada. With a wealth of experience and a reputation for exceptional results, Dr. Bensimon has become a trusted figure in the world of plastic surgery. His commitment to patient well-being, combined with his talent and expertise, has earned him the respect and admiration of countless people seeking cosmetic care. Dr. Bensimon is dedicated to helping his patients achieve their beauty goals while prioritizing their safety and satisfaction.


Welcome to our exclusive plastic surgery clinic in Montreal, where beauty and confidence meet precision and expertise. At our clinic, we are committed to enhancing your natural beauty while prioritizing your safety and well-being. We provide personalized, patient-centered care. We understand that each individual is unique, and our goal is to help you achieve your desired aesthetic results with the utmost professionalism and care. From facelifts to breast augmentation, liposuction to ultrasonic rhinoplasty, our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge techniques ensure that you receive the highest quality care and transformative results. Your journey to a more confident and radiant self begins here, at our plastic surgery clinic.


Our clinic in Montreal offers a harmonious mix of plastic surgery, injectables and laser treatments to meet a wide range of aesthetic needs. For those seeking non-surgical improvements, our range of injectables, including Botox and skin fillers, can smooth out wrinkles and restore youthful vitality. In addition to our offerings, our state-of-the-art laser treatments offer effective solutions for skin rejuvenation, harnessing the latest technologies to help you achieve the desired look.



Whether it’s for one of our treatments or multiple, don’t hesitate any longer. Contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Eric Bensimon.