Rhinoplasty Surgery as part of Facial Feminization in Montreal

Dr. Bensimon has years of experience with the transgender community and strives to work with his patients to ensure that their nose will appear completely, 100% natural. While rhinoplasty is a common procedure, the surgeon must, in the case of transgender patients, create a feminized nose that fits the dimensions of a redefined face.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, an introduction to nose reshaping:

Rhinoplasty is a crucial aspect of the feminization journey, as it addresses the distinct differences between male and female noses.

Feminization of the nose, navigating gender differences:

Male noses often have broader shapes, with longer nostrils and bulkier tips, pointing forward or downward. Female noses tend to point slightly upward, with more pronounced angles between the nose and the forehead, and between the nose and the upper lip. Sometimes, reducing the nostrils can also be helpful in refining the nose.

Additionally, the angle between the nose and the forehead and between the nose and the upper lip tends to be more defined and sharper in males. Finally, imperfections such as dorsal bumps could be easily corrected during rhinoplasty surgery.

Specialized rhinoplasty technique:

Dr. Bensimon practices open rhinoplasty, which allows for superior control and precision in the surgical process, ensuring a natural and feminized result. Dr. Éric Bensimon can explain this process in more detail during the FFS consultation. Open rhinoplasty is performed using an ultrasonic piezoelectric surgical device. This technique remains more effective than closed rhinoplasty surgery!

Recovery and transformation:

After the procedure, temporary bruising and swelling should be expected. Cotton pads placed in the nostrils prevent bleeding and are usually removed a few hours later. Note that it takes about three to six months for the nose to fully take on its postoperative shape.

before and after rhinoplasty surgery photos


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Gel de Silicone: tous les 15 ans environ

Salins: Si rupture seulement


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