body Abdominoplasty in Montreal The surgical procedure of abdominoplasty involves removing excess skin and fat in the middle or lower part of the abdomen. It helps to eliminate loose skin, tighten the abdominal muscles, and rejuvenate the abdomen by giving it a more athletic appearance. By reducing skin folds and excising scars and stretch marks […]


body Liposuction in Montreal Liposuction aims to refine the body and silhouette. This procedure involves reshaping the body by permanently removing fatty deposits responsible for an unappealing figure. What is Liposuction? Intervention Before and After Photos FAQ Book an appointment What is Liposuction? The Purpose of Liposuction: The purpose of liposuction is to refine the […]

Thigh Lift

body Thigh and Arm Lift in Montreal Thigh and arm lift performed by Dr. Bensimon at his clinic in Montreal is an aesthetic surgical procedure designed to sculpt and enhance the appearance of the arms and thighs. This intervention aims to remove excess skin and fat, often resulting from significant weight loss or the natural […]


body Nymphoplasty “Labia Minora” in Montreal The aesthetic reduction surgery of the labia minora of the vagina, also called Nymphoplasty, is not widely known to the general public. It has recently gained popularity mainly due to the recent interest it has generated in the Quebec media. Thus, more and more women who have undergone surgery […]