Breast Augmentation

BREASTS Breast Augmentationin Montreal Breast augmentation also known as a breast implant, helps to increase the size of breasts in a proportionate manner if they are insufficient. All About Breast Augmentation Intervention Before and after photos FAQ Book an appointment All About Breast Augmentation : Why Get a Breast Augmentation? The breasts are a body […]

Breast Lift and Reduction

breasts Breast Lift and Reduction in Montreal Breast lift surgery is recommended to correct breasts that have sagged and lost their initial shape. This condition can result from several factors such as pregnancies, aging, significant weight loss, or, in younger women, it can be attributed to genetic causes. Book an appointment The Benefits of Breast […]


breasts Gynecomastia in Montreal Gynecomastia corresponds to an increase in volume of the mammary gland in men. Book an appointment Causes of Gynecomastia: Causes of this problem are varied and include hormonal imbalance, the use of cannabis or anabolic steroids, and excess weight. However, in the vast majority of cases, no specific cause can be […]